27th Jan 2022 - NEWS

The donations of money and food have been made at Morrisons in Willenhall, raising £556 for the Everybody Prosper SDB charity.

The charity runs a food bank which faces increasing demand from not only people out of work but those feeling the need for help as food, fuel and energy prices rise in Wolverhampton.

Narinder Kaur, founder of the charity based in Whitmore Reans, said: "We are so very grateful to staff and customers of Morrisons for this donation.

"The store already supports us by donations of produce but this money was part of a Christmas fundraising project.

"We are really humbled to have received the money,as our food bank is extremely busy and is now catering for many working class people as they find difficulties with the household budget because of rising fuel, food and energy prices.

"Covid-19 and rising fuel prices and the cost of living continually going up has hit many people and is having an impact on everybody."

Narinder added: "Things are getting worse and we are thankful of any help we receive.

"We are now reaching as many as 200 people every two weeks.

"There are probably three to four, or even more, people in each household.

"Costs are continuing to rise and we are thankful for this money which is the first monetary donation by the store.

"The £556 will help scores of families who live across Wolverhampton."

By Sue Smith


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