Helping The Community

How We Help

How We Help

Food Bank

We are here to help as much as we can, we accept your donations as we will be delivering them to the people that need them the most!  
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Vulnerable Families

We are continuously meeting vulnerable people and families. We are providing fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as information on how …
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Helping Homeless

No one is inferior and no one is superior. When people are unreasonable and try to deflate your keep doing good and just keep growing and …
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About Everyone Prosper

What We Do

We are a community charity based in Wolverhampton, been serving since 1999 and registered since 2018. We support the homeless, vulnerable families in the UK and India. We offer food banks but also humanitarian aid such as tents, food, etc as well as providing education to less fortunate families as well.

You Can Count On Us

A community charity that involves us all coming together to help the less privileged! Help given is based on humanitarian aid such as tents, food, etc. We provide education to less fortunate families as well as food rations and medication, but after all, it's not just food, it's showing that we care.


I am so overwhelmed and so thankful that I have been given help and I have nothing at all. And you have helped me so much and I have no words....  Read more
Jul 1, 2024
Amy Halls
This is such an amazing company. They helped me out when I was struggling with food. It was so easy to get in touch with them aswell. I just want to...  Read more
Dec 9, 2023


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  • Pet Food Available

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